We’ve heard your request for a simple booking platform to manage your internal fleet of cars. Sample use cases include: test cars at car dealerships, shared cars for lunch time transportation, etc.

Today, we’ve launched a software integration with Youcanbook.me (a simple online scheduling tool). This feature allows users to place bookings for cars, with owners being able to accept or reject bookings. 

Once a booking has been accepted by the owner, keys with time restricted schedules (with start and end times) are automatically sent to the booker’s mobile app.

Booking web page (Desktop & Mobile)

Step 1: Access booking page.

Step 2: Select car that you wish to place a booking for

Step 3: View all available slots & select one.

Step 4: Fill up the form with the necessary details and submit. The data collected here is configurable

  • A confirmation email will be sent to you when approval is received.

Step 5: After the booking is approved, login to your SLICK mobile application to gain access to the car.

As the Approver

Step 1: Receive email notifying you of a booking request.

Step 2: Verify the details and accept or reject the booking.

  •  Confirmation emails will be sent to the user upon your booking approval / rejection decision.

Step 3: On acceptance, a key with time restricted schedules (with start and end times) is sent to the booker’s mobile app to provide access to the car for the duration of the booking.