We’ve heard your feedback about needing to control access to your vehicle based on a start and end time.

We’ve launched Schedules, a feature that allows owners of vehicles to share access to other drivers based on a pre-set timing. Keys will work within the allocated time frame; outside the allowed timing, users will be unable to connect to the car.

As the Car owner:

Step 1: Locate the selected vehicle.

Step 2: Tap or swipe up on the Shared Drivers tab.

Step 3: Tap on the clock icon on the selected driver. Schedules are tagged to individual drivers.

Step 4: Enter start & end time and save the schedule.

No Schedule available (driver can access at any time)

Schedule available (driver can only access during pre-set timings)

As the Shared driver

Step 1: If the current time falls outside of your pre-set Schedule, an information box will be displayed with information about the pre-set Schedule.

Step 2: During your Schedule, the CONNECT button will be displayed. Follow the normal steps to connect to your car to lock/unlock it.