You can view details of each vehicle in your list to get a complete view of your fleet. The information available are:

Basic Vehicle Information.

  • Car status - Active/Inactive

  • VIN

  • Plate Number

  • Brand & Model

  • Engine Type

  • Key-less start type

  • Year

Additional Details.

The SLICK hardware unit in plugged into the OBD II port of the car. This helps us gather information on the car and in turn, provide you with the following details:

  • Last active date and time

  • GPS location

  • Engine off/off information

  • Car door open/close details

  • Fuel level*

  • Mileage information *

* Can be set up only if the OBD car package has been reverse engineered. If your car meets the requirement, we can set it up for you.

How to view information:

1) Click on the “Vehicle” tab on the menu

2) Filter search according to requirement

    First level filter: Vehicle Year. Use the drop down menu to filter according to vehicle year.

    Second level filter: Active/Inactive vehicles. Click on "Active/Inactive" to view according to your requirement.

3) The entire list of vehicles will appear in one screen.

4) Click on the car you wish to view

5) Select the “Vehicle info” tab. All the vehicle related information is presented in one screen.