To bring you utmost security, we also have a default mechanism in place that prevents authorized access from the lost device. If you have lost your mobile phone, your SLICK account can easily be retrieved in 2 simple steps!

Retrieve your account 

1) Download the SLICK mobile app on your new phone

2) Login using your existing username and password. All your stored data is secured & easily accessible again after login.

Security Mechanism 

The minute you login onto your new device, we have a default mechanism in place that induces the following:

1) All keys automatically get disabled. This prevents unauthorized access to your car from the lost phone.

2) You automatically log out of the app on the lost phone. If someone clicks the SLICK app on the lost phone, the login screen will appear, as seen in the image below. Therefore, without your username and password, unauthorized access is prevented.

SLICK Login screen