Our team of highly trained experts will assist you through every step of the installation procedure:

Step 1: We will start by testing the key fob functions. We will require the lock, unlock, open boot and remote car start functions of the key fobs to be in proper working condition to proceed.

Step 2: We will then dismantle one of the key fobs to extract the printed circuit board (PCB).

Step 3: The PCB chip is then installed into the SLICK hardware device

Step 4: Next, the hardware unit is plugged into the on-board diagnostics II (OBD II) port of the car. Following which, a round of testing is conducted.

Step 5: After the testing is complete, the hardware device is neatly tucked behind the car speedometer/dashboard, it will not be visible unless it is opened up. 

Step 6: Next, our software experts will complete the necessary software integration

Step 7: Finally, the last step involves another round of testing to ensure operationality.

With this, the installation procedure is complete and SLICK is ready to be used.

To go one step further, after the installation process is completed, we will also walk you through the usage of the app for you to get a better understanding of SLICK.